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A Review of the Tozo T10S

Last updated on Oct 19, 2023   4 minute read
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Reasons why you might like the Tozo T10S

Overall Score 5.1 Represents average audio ecosystem compatibility score.

  • Ingress Protection (Ip) Rating of IPX8
  • Battery Life of 8 hours
  • Has Usb Type-C
  • Number Of Microphones of 2 only

A breakdown of the review per specifications


Ingress Protection (Ip) Rating

Tozo T10S ipX8

Ingress protection ratings is the level of protection offered by an enclosure, against solids and water. In the format of IPXX, 'X' represents a number The first value refers to protection against solids such as dust, followed by the one that refers to protection against liquids (water).

Having a value of IPX8, the Tozo T10S's rating is read as, the first number of X denotes that no data available to specify a protection rating, and the second number of 8 means that they are protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water, ingress of water in quantities causing harmful effects shall not be possible. Conditions should be more severe than for numeral 7..


Tozo T10S 10g

Tozo T10S have a weight of 10g . We consider a lower weight better because lighter devices are more comfortable to transport.

Has No Wires Or Cables

Tozo T10S

For a device to be true wireless it should have no cables connecting any part of the device together, Tozo T10S are true wireless for this case since they don't have wires. This is a key distinction as some wireless earbuds have wires connecting the pair of earbuds together.

Sweat Resistance

Tozo T10S

Tozo T10S have sweat resistance

Has Stereo Speakers

Tozo T10S

Tozo T10S have stereo speakers, devices with stereo speakers deliver sound from independent channels on both left and right sides, this creates a richer sound and a better listening experience.

Waterproof Depth Rating

Tozo T10S 1meters

Tozo T10S are rated 1meters any depth more than that you are likely to lose the functionality of your device. Devices that have a higher depth rating are better for diving.

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Sound Quality

Has Passive Noise Reduction

Tozo T10S

The Tozo T10S sit tightly in place, creating an acoustic covering that reduces your environment sounds well as preventing the device sound from leaking out .

Driver Unit Size

Tozo T10S 8mm

The Tozo T10S have a unit size of 8mm in diameter, bigger drivers are more powerful, therefor producing better bass. A driver unit is the component that makes sound in the earbuds, its size corellates with the loudness of the device.

Lowest Frequency

Tozo T10S 20hz

The Tozo T10S's lowest frequency is at 20Hz, low-frequency response inidcates how well an audio device produces low recognizable frequencies and if it makes any changes to the signal while at it.

Highest Frequency

Tozo T10S 20,000hz

The Tozo T10S's highest frequency is at 20,000Hz, high-frequency response shows how well a particular audio component makes high audible frequencies and if it changes to the signal while at it.


Battery Life

Tozo T10S 8hours

The Tozo T10S's battery life is 8 hours, these last longer than 5 hours of listening which is considered average for a single charge. A device's battery life is given by the manufacturer, and with more battery hours, you get to use it for longer and requires fewer chargings.

Battery Life Of Charging Case

Tozo T10S 28hours

This is given by the vendor, and the Tozo T10S's case is said to have a full charge of 28 hours. A charging case with more battery hours enables you to recharge your earbuds on the go many times before recharging the case itself.

Charge Time

Tozo T10S 2hours

It takes 2 hours to fully charge the Tozo T10S's battery. It is recommended to charge fully the battery before using the earbuds for the first time.

Has A Battery Level Indicator

Tozo T10S

Tozo T10S have a battery level indicator, an indicator shows you when the device has a low battery. The battery indicator lights indicate the charging status of your earbuds and charging case.

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Has Usb Type-C

Tozo T10S

Tozo T10S support USB TYPE-C, a standard connector for transmitting both data and power in a single cable.

Bluetooth Version

Tozo T10S v5.2

Tozo T10S have Bluetooth version of 5.2, Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables data transfers between devices placed in range, using short-wavelength, ultra-high frequency radio waves.

Maximum Bluetooth Range

Tozo T10S 10meters

The Tozo T10S have a 10meters distance connecting via Bluetooth.

Has Aac

Tozo T10S

Tozo T10S support AAC, a codec used for Bluetooth audio. It supports 24-bit audio at 250kbps. Since it uses psychoacoustic modeling, it can provide better results than other codecs at a similar bit rate.

Since its the highest quality codec that any Bluetooth-supporting Apple product supports, the Tozo T10S will work fine with your iPhone. If you are planning on using these with Android you need to pay even closer attention to codec support for if they only have AAC they won't provide the best audio quality possible, ensure that they also support aptX HD, LDAC, or LHDC as well.


Number Of Microphones

Tozo T10S 2only

Tozo T10S have 2 microphones.

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Supports Fast Charging

Tozo T10S

The Tozo T10S support fast charging. Usually, technologies like MediaTek’s Pump Express, are used to lower the amount of time it takes to charge the earbuds.

Has A Mute Function

Tozo T10S

Tozo T10S have a mute function, they have the option to mute/unmute a conversation directly from the earbuds.

Control Panel Placed On A Device

Tozo T10S

With the Tozo T10S, so you can easily access the volume control, pause, play, mute, etc whichever features are supported on the earbuds.

Has Voice Prompts

Tozo T10S

The Tozo T10S have voice prompts. With voice prompts, you receive information through audio messages, say if there is a problem with the connection.

Travel Bag Is Included

Tozo T10S

The Tozo T10S come with their own special case. Carrying earbuds openly, or placing them inside your pockets without a casing may easily damage them.

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