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Jlab Go Air Review

Last updated on Mar 30, 2024   3 minute read
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JLab Go Air

JLab Go Air

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Reasons why you might like the JLab Go Air

Overall Score 5.3 Represents average audio ecosystem compatibility score.

  • Ingress Protection (Ip) Rating of IP44
  • Battery Life of 5 hours
  • Number Of Microphones of 2 only

Jlab Go Air Review In Detail


Ingress Protection (Ip) Rating

JLab Go Air IP44

IP ratings refer to the rating of protection given by an enclosure, against dust and liquids. In the format of IPXX, 'X' represents a number The first value of the IP rating means protection against solids say dust, followed by the one that refers to resistance against liquids (sweat).

Scoring IP44, the JLab Go Air's rating is read as, the first number of 4 denotes that they are protected against objects greater than 1.0mm such as wire, and the second value of 4 means that they can withstand low pressure spray similar to that of a shower head when tilted at 180° for 10 minutes.


JLab Go Air 10g

The JLab Go Air have a weight of 10g . We prefer a lower weight better because lighter devices are more comfortable to move with.

Has No Wires Or Cables

JLab Go Air

True wireless devices have no cables connecting any part of the device together, JLab Go Air are true wireless for this case since they don't have wires. This is a key distinction since wireless earbuds have wires linking the 2 earbuds together.

Sweat Resistance

JLab Go Air

JLab Go Air are resistant to sweat

Has Stereo Speakers

JLab Go Air

JLab Go Air have stereo speakers, devices with stereo speakers deliver sound from separate channels on both left and right sides, this creates a richer sound and a better listening experience.

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Sound Quality

Has Passive Noise Reduction

JLab Go Air

The JLab Go Air sit tightly in place, this creates a sound covering that reduces background noise well as preventing the device sound from leaking out at the same.

Driver Unit Size

JLab Go Air 8mm

JLab Go Air have a unit size of 8mm in diameter, the bigger the unit the more powerful, therefor producing better bass. The driver unit is the component that produces sound in the earbuds, the unit size dictates the sound produced by the device.

Lowest Frequency

JLab Go Air 20Hz

The JLab Go Air's lowest frequency is at 20Hz, low-frequency response measures if and how well a particular audio device produces low audible frequencies and if it makes any changes to the signal on its way through.

Highest Frequency

JLab Go Air 20,000Hz

The JLab Go Air's highest frequency is at 20,000Hz, high-frequency response indicates how well an audio device generates high recognizable frequencies and if it adjustments to the signal while at it.

Sound Pressure Level

JLab Go Air 103dB/mW

The sound pressure level, is the level of pressure of sound, in decibels, dB, JLab Go Air's measurement is 103dB/mW. Devices with a higher sound pressure level are generally louder when supplied with any given audio source.


Battery Life

JLab Go Air 5hours

JLab Go Air's battery life is 5 hours, these last less than 5 hours of listening which is considered average for a single charge. A device's battery life is given by the manufacturer, and with longer battery life, you get to use it for longer and have to charge the device less often.

Battery Life Of Charging Case

JLab Go Air 15hours

The battery life of the charging case is given by the manufacturer, and JLab Go Air's case has a full charge of 15 hours. A charging case with more battery hours allows you to recharge your earbuds on the go multiple times before having to recharge the case itself.

Charge Time

JLab Go Air 1.5hours

It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge the JLab Go Air's battery. It is recommended to fully charge the battery before using the earbuds for the first time.

Has A Battery Level Indicator

JLab Go Air

JLab Go Air have a battery level indicator, an indicator alerts you when the earbuds has a low battery. Its lights display the charging status of your device and case.

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Bluetooth Version

JLab Go Air v5

The JLab Go Air have Bluetooth version of 5, Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that enables data movement between devices placed in range, using short-wavelength, ultra-high frequency radio waves.

Maximum Bluetooth Range

JLab Go Air 10meters

JLab Go Air have a 10meters distance to connect via Bluetooth.


Number Of Microphones

JLab Go Air 2only

The JLab Go Air have 2 microphones.

Mic Sensitivity

JLab Go Air -38dBV/Pa

The JLab Go Air microphone sensitivity is measured at -38dBV/Pa. The amount of the analog or digital output signal from the microphone with its input stimulus is a calculation of its sensitivity. It's the 'loudness' of the voice that the microphone can pick up.

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Control Panel Placed On A Device

JLab Go Air

With the JLab Go Air, so you can easily access the volume control, pause, play, mute, etc whichever functions are supported on the device.

Warranty Period

JLab Go Air 2Years

JLab Go Air have a warranty period of 2 Years, the period of time that warrant free repair and adjustment services in case of a malfunction occurring under normal use following instruction manuals.

Has Voice Prompts

JLab Go Air

The JLab Go Air support voice prompts. Automatically receive information through audio messages, like if there is an issue with the connection.