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Sony Srs Xb23 Review

Last updated on May 29, 2023   6 minute read
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Sony SRS XB23

Sony SRS XB23

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Reasons why you might like the Sony SRS XB23

Overall Score 6.8 Represents average audio ecosystem compatibility score.

  • Ingress Protection (Ip) Rating of IP67
  • Battery Life of 12 hours
  • Multipoint Count of 2 only
  • Has A Mobile App

Sony Srs Xb23 Review In Detail


Ingress Protection (Ip) Rating

Sony SRS XB23 IP67

Ingress protection ratings refer to the level of protection offered by an electrical enclosure, against solids and liquids. The letters 'IP' are followed by two numerals The first number of the IP rating refers to protection against solids say dust, while the second refers to protection against liquid.

Scoring IP67, the Sony SRS XB23's rating is read as, the first number of 6 denotes that they are completely dust proof, and the second number of 7 means that they are protected against temporary immersion in water under set conditions, say 1 metre for 30 minutes.


Sony SRS XB23 1,259.17cm³

Volume is the quantity of three-dimensional space taken up by the product's chassis or, in simpler terms, the space the product occupies. Sony SRS XB23 takes up 1,259.17cm³, it is important to know the space that the speaker occupies just so as to ensure that it will easily fit in the available space next to your other gadgets.


Sony SRS XB23 580g

We consider a lower weight best for the reason that lighter devices are more comfortable to transport. A lower weight is also an advantage for home appliances, as it makes transportation easier, and for many other types of products.


Sony SRS XB23 76mm

The height represents the vertical dimension of a device, Sony SRS XB23 has a height of 76mm.


Sony SRS XB23 218mm

The width represents the horizontal dimension of a device, Sony SRS XB23 has a width of 218mm.


Sony SRS XB23 76mm

The thickness (or depth) of Sony SRS XB23 is 76mm, to know the thickness of the speaker you divide its volume(space occupied) by the surface area( length by width)

Is Dust Proof And Water Resistant

Sony SRS XB23

The Sony SRS XB23 is dustproof and water-resistant. A water-resistant device can resist the penetration of water, such as powerful water jets, if it is to be submerged in the water this is usually set to a given depth and for a specific time period.

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Sound Quality

Has Stereo Speakers

Sony SRS XB23

Sony SRS XB23 has stereo speakers, what this means is that Sony SRS XB23's speakers deliver sound from separate channels on both left and right sides, this creates a richer sound and a better listening experience.

Driver Unit Size

Sony SRS XB23 46mm

The driver unit is the component that produces sound in the device, its size dictates the loudness of the headphone. Sony SRS XB23 driver unit is 46mm in diameter, bigger drivers are more powerful and can produce better bass.

Drivers Count

Sony SRS XB23 2only

A speaker driver is an individual transducer that converts electrical energy to sound waves. Drivers come in different sizes and modes, but generally, you'll find three types: tweeter driver, which handles the high-frequency treble range (above 2,000 Hz), and midrange driver: which handles the midrange frequencies (200 Hz to 2,000 Hz). Woofer driver: handles the low-frequency bass range (below 200 Hz).

Based on the frequencies they handle more drivers may result in better sound quality, Sony SRS XB23 has 2 only.

Has A Passive Radiator

Sony SRS XB23

A passive radiator is a type of driver in speakers that can get extra power and resonance from a speaker system, usually used in smaller speaker systems. This radiator is called passive because it is not powered by electricity but by air pressure found in speaker cones.

The sound vibrations produced by a passive radiator depend on its mass and the size of its enclosure. It is usually used in combination with a woofer to produce deep, resonant tones that would normally be produced by speakers in large boxes powered by AC.

Audio Output Power

Sony SRS XB23 20W

The audio output power of a device is based on the number of speakers and their power in watts Sony SRS XB23 has 20W, this is the amount of power the speakers can be loaded with "comfortably".

A higher audio output power results in louder, clearer sounds though this is not the sole factor determining the device's loudness. To get a better understanding of how loud any speaker can get, there are other aspects to look at such as sensitivity, sound pressure, etc.

Lowest Frequency

Sony SRS XB23 20Hz

Low-frequency response measures if and how well an audio component reproduces low audible frequencies and if it makes any changes to the signal on the way through. Sony SRS XB23's lowest frequency is at 20Hz, the lower the low-frequency response, the stronger and juicier the bass.

Highest Frequency

Sony SRS XB23 20,000Hz

High frequency response measures if and how well a particular audio device reproduces high audible frequencies and if it changes to the signal while at it. Sony SRS XB23's highest frequency is at 20,000Hz, the higher the high-frequency response, the clearer and crispier the treble.


Battery Life

Sony SRS XB23 12hours

Your speaker's battery life will reduce over time while in use, the battery life is given by the manufacturer, and with longer battery life, you get to use it for longer and have to charge the device less often. Sony SRS XB23's battery life is 12 hours

Charge Time

Sony SRS XB23 4hours

It takes 4 hours to fully charge the Sony SRS XB23's battery. It is recommended to fully charge the battery before using it for the first time or when they have been unused for extended periods.

Has A Battery Level Indicator

Sony SRS XB23

Sony SRS XB23 has a battery level indicator, an indicator shows you when the device has a low battery. The battery indicator lights show the charging status of your speaker.

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Multipoint Count

Sony SRS XB23 2only

Sony SRS XB23 support multipoint, which allows you to link to more Bluetooth devices and switch between them. For example, you can easily switch calls from one device to another without having to manually disconnect and reconnect.

Can Be Used Wirelessly

Sony SRS XB23

Sony SRS XB23 can be used wirelessly, wireless devices allow users more freedom of movement.

Has A Detachable Cable

Sony SRS XB23

Detachable cables are cables that have connectors on both ends. One end goes into your headphone cups, while the other end is inserted into an audio source. Some new headphones, and not just the expensive ones, are coming with detachable cables, Sony SRS XB23 is one of those.

Has A Socket For A 3.5 Mm Audio Jack

Sony SRS XB23

Being an industry-standard audio plug, a standard 3.5mm male connector is suitable for use with all MP3 players and computer sound cards. This means that it is commonly used in stereo headphones to your phone or connecting your phone to an external amplifier, sound bars, your car radio, etc. Sony SRS XB23 has this connector giving it a wider range of connectivity with most of the sound devices out there. All plugs have at least a tip and sleeve with the number of rings that stand as a differentiating factor.

Has Bluetooth

Sony SRS XB23

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to easily transfer data between different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Bluetooth Version

Sony SRS XB23 v5

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard that allows data transfers between devices placed in close proximity, using short-wavelength, ultra-high frequency radio waves. Sony SRS XB23 has a v5

Maximum Bluetooth Range

Sony SRS XB23 10meters

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology standard that is used for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances. The Sony SRS XB23 can connect at a 10meters distance via Bluetooth or infrared to another device.

Has Usb Type-C

Sony SRS XB23

Sony SRS XB23 supports USB TYPE-C, an industry-standard connector for transmitting both data and power on a single cable. The USB-C plug is now part and parcel of most current laptops, phones, and tablets, it features reversible plug orientation and cable direction.

Usb Ports

Sony SRS XB23 1only

With more USB ports, you are able to connect more devices, like those you save your music on, Sony SRS XB23 has 1 only


Has A Mobile App

Sony SRS XB23

You can use your smartphone as a remote control for the device through a dedicated app. Through this, you can alter settings, unlock features, and get real-time updates so you can always listen to your music the best way you see fit.

Has Voice Commands

Sony SRS XB23

You can use your voice to control key functions of the Sony SRS XB23 and you can easily access it without pushing any button but just giving it voice commands.

Has Voice Prompts

Sony SRS XB23

With voice prompts, the device notifies you via audio messages, say its battery is running low it will notify you that it's time to recharge the device.

Control Panel Placed On A Device

Sony SRS XB23

There is a control panel on the Sony SRS XB23 body, so you can easily access the volume control or remote without having to interact with a cable or another device it's connected to.

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