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Jbl Bar 300 Review

Last updated on Apr 22, 2023   4 minute read
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JBL Bar 300

JBL Bar 300

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Overall Score 7.7 Represents average audio ecosystem compatibility score.

  • Width of 820 mm
  • Has An Aux Input
  • Hdmi Arc / Earc

The JBL Bar 300 is a compact and affordable soundbar that enhances TV audio without requiring a complex setup or a high price, its simple design blends well with most TV setups, offers improved sound quality, and utilizes JBL's virtual surround sound technology for a wider sound experience.

JBL Soundbar 300 connects to your TV via a single HDMI cable or optical cable, and some models may include Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming.

However, it relies on virtual surround sound processing and thus has a limited surround sound, it also lacks a built-in subwoofer and features like multiple sound modes or voice control.

Jbl Bar 300 Review In Detail



JBL Bar 300 820mm

JBL Bar 300 has a width of 820mm. A soundbar's width indicates the horizontal measurement of a soundbar, soundbars are sometimes designed to match the width of TVs or get close.


JBL Bar 300 103mm

JBL Bar 300 measures to a height of 103mm. Height represents the vertical dimension of a soundbar, they are often designed as thin as possible to beautifully complement a space.


JBL Bar 300 2,500g

The JBL Bar 300 weighs 2,500g. We take in account a lower weight best for the reason that lighter soundbars are easier to carry around the space. Lighter home appliances are advantageous, as it makes their movement easier, even say for many other kinds of products.


JBL Bar 300 4,729.76cm³

The quantity of three-dimensional space occupied by the product's body or, in simpler terms, the space the soundbar fills. JBL Bar 300 takes up 4,729.76cm³, it is a good thing to know the space that the soundbar takes up to ensure that it will easily fit in the available space .


JBL Bar 300 56mm

The thickness of JBL Bar 300 is 56mm, to know the thickness of a device you divide its volume by the surface area(length by width)

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Number Of Channels Of Sound Output

JBL Bar 300 5only

For surround sound channels, you'll come across numbers in such formats as X.X two-digit, or X.X.X three-digit the first number defines the number of main speakers, the second number defines the total of subwoofers, and the third number if available represents the number of “height” speakers.

NOTE: "Height" speakers are most times placed on the ceiling of the space that has the soundbar, but they may as well be upward-firing speakers inside the soundbar itself.

The JBL Bar 300 having a sound output value of 5 indicates that it has 5 main speakers

Audio Output Power

JBL Bar 300 260W

The JBL Bar 300 has an audio output power of 260W, basing on the sum of speakers and their power in watts. It is the amount of power the JBL Bar 300 speakers can be loaded with "comfortably".

To get a better understanding of how loud any speaker can get, there are other aspects to look at such as sensitivity, sound pressure, etc.

Has Bluetooth Aptx

JBL Bar 300

The JBL Bar 300 supports BLUETOOTH APTX, a codec used to transmit audio wirelessly using Bluetooth.

Lowest Frequency

JBL Bar 300 50Hz

Low-frequency response measures if and how well a particular audio device reproduces low audible frequencies and if it makes any changes to the signal on the way through. JBL Bar 300's lowest frequency is at 50Hz.

Highest Frequency

JBL Bar 300 20,000Hz

High-frequency response measures if and how well an audio device reproduces high audible frequencies and if it makes any changes to the signal on the way through. JBL Bar 300's highest frequency is at 20,000Hz.


Has An Aux Input

JBL Bar 300

The JBL Bar 300 has an auxiliary input, an aux input enables you play from external audio sources by channeling them through a simple audio connection say a 3.5mm jack.

Has An Hdmi Output

JBL Bar 300

The JBL Bar 300 has an HDMI output port, soundbars with an HDMI port transfer HD audio.

Hdmi Ports

JBL Bar 300 1only

JBL Bar 300 has 1 HDMI ports, more HDMI ports mean that you can connect at the same time several devices, such as video game consoles and set-top boxes.

Has Bluetooth

JBL Bar 300

JBL Bar 300 supports Bluetooth, a cable free technology which allows you to seamlessly transfer data between different compatible devices.

Bluetooth Version

JBL Bar 300 v5

JBL Bar 300 has a Bluetooth version of 5

Supports Wi-Fi

JBL Bar 300

Wi-Fi is a wireless networking technology that allows devices such as computers, and mobile devices .i.e smartphones and wearables to connect and interact with other devices on the internet, the JBL Bar 300 can connect to Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Version

JBL Bar 300 v802.11ax, 802.11ac, and 802.11n

Most modern soundbars that support WiFi connectivity typically support the 802.11b/g/n/ax standards. Which are known by Wi-Fi 4 - 6. JBL Bar 300 supports 802.11ax, 802.11ac, and 802.11n

Hdmi Version

JBL Bar 300 v2

JBL Bar 300 has an HDMI version of 2, newer versions of HDMI support higher bandwidth, which allows for higher resolutions and frame rates.

Has S/Pdif Out Port

JBL Bar 300

S/PDIF is an interface used to transmit digital audio with high fidelity.

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Hdmi Arc / Earc

JBL Bar 300

Before you needed to connect an optical cable from your TV to the optical input of an audio device on top of the already connected HDMI cable If you don't want to use your TV's speakers and would rather have everything play through a soundbar, now with ARC you can easily connect all these at a go from a compatible HDMI socket on your TV to an HDMI ARC socket on your soundbar.

HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) carries audio over HDMI. ARC is only capable of carrying compressed 5.1 audio, but eARC has higher bandwidth and can carry uncompressed 7.1 audio, as well as formats such as DTS:X and full bitrate Dolby Atmos. It is available on the JBL Bar 300

Compatible With Google Assistant

JBL Bar 300

JBL Bar 300 is compatible with Google Assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control the device from other Google Assistant-compatible devices.

Compatible With Alexa

JBL Bar 300

JBL Bar 300 is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control the device from other Alexa-compatible devices.

Compatible With Siri

JBL Bar 300

JBL Bar 300 is compatible with Apple's Siri voice assistant, allowing you to use voice commands to control the device from other Apple HomeKit-compatible devices.

Has Dolby Atmos

JBL Bar 300

Dolby Atmos is a surround sound technology that allows sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects. JBL Bar 300 has Dolby Atmos, which allows them to have immersive, 360-degree sound.

Has Dts:x

JBL Bar 300

DTS:X is an object-based surround sound technology that allows filmmakers to place and move individual sounds around your listening space, giving you a theater-like audio experience.

More like Dolby Atmos as it aims to create a multi-dimensional sound that "places you at the center of the action", it differs from Dolby Atmos by the required speaker configuration. JBL Bar 300 has DTS:X

Has Chromecast Built-In

JBL Bar 300

Chromecast built-in is a technology that allows you to stream entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet, or laptop, straight to the Chromecast-enabled device.

Has Airplay

JBL Bar 300

AirPlay allows wireless connection of Apple devices with external screens or speakers. You may stream computer screens, videos, and music from iOS devices, play games like on consoles, or present your slideshows easily on your device.

Supports Dolby Digital Plus

JBL Bar 300

If a device supports Dolby Digital Plus it can deliver up to fourteen (14) different audio channels (sides) with improved bitrates, for much better sound quality. JBL Bar 300 supports Dolby digital plus

Supports Dolby Digital

JBL Bar 300

JBL Bar 300 supports Dolby Digital meaning that it can deliver up to six (6) different audio channels (sides) for much better sound quality.

Has A Dedicated Smartphone App

JBL Bar 300

There is a dedicated smartphone app that is designed to be used with the JBL Bar 300.